Steve Gillespie

CBRM Councillor District 4 

Coxheath - Edwardsville - Sydney River - Westmount

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Repeal the controversial $140 a week travel allowance

First implemented by CBRM in 2002, this controversial and unfair allowance compensation took three years to reverse.  I am pleased to say that after I brought forward to Council this has been reversed bringing clearer accountability to tax payers.  As my commitment to you, I have never submitted a request for travel allowance in my four years as your Councillor.



  • CBRM Expense Claim portal

In addition to reversing the travel allowance and to improve transparency, I was able to assist CBRM senior staff in creating an online portal where all expenses are reported quarterly and available to be viewed by the public.  This applies to Council and all Senior CBRM employees.

It is important for residents to see where tax dollars are being spent.  Attached is the link to the CBRM Expense Claim portal which lists all expense that have reimbursed:


  • In Camera Compensation Issues

Council can no longer address their own compensation in camera. I was pleased to have my questions regarding this practice of the Municipal Act addressed.


  • Westside Harbour Sewer Treatment Plant

Worked with Mayor Cecil Clarke, Provincial and Federal representatives to approve a 59 million dollar sewer treatment facility for the Westside of Sydney Harbour.  This 10 year project will encompass all of District 4 and beyond.


Community Engagement

Community engagement is the backbone of our Municipality allowing for residents, community groups, stakeholders and CBRM to come together to collaborate on ideas to improve our neighbourhood. Over the past four years I have been fortunate to meet with many to discuss areas of concern and implement ways to improve our community such as:

- Active member of the Westmount Peters Field Canada Day Committee

- Active member of the Cantley Village Recreation Association

- Coordinator of the District 4 Community Cleanups

- Coxheath Skate Park Revitalization Committee (NEW!!)

- Implementation of the Community Watch Program with CBRPS

- Community meetings with Sydney River / Carmichael Drive residents about ongoing water issues

- Community meetings with Cantley Village / Coxheath Road residents about water issues

- Community meetings with residents about snow plow damage to yards

- Community meetings with residents of District 4 for better roads

- Coordinating Joint meetings with residents, CBRM, and Department of Transportation (DOT) on Provincial Issues

- Built a working relationship with Provincial and Federal elected officials about District 4 issues.

- Collaboration with the Volunteer Fire Departments for Westmount, Coxheath and Sydney River.

  • CBRM Committees

Currently I am a member of the following:

-CBRM Nominating Committee
-Cape Breton Regional Police Commissioner
-Cape Breton Regional Library Board of Directors
-CBRM Charter Committee